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Relational Database Design

Relational Database Design - SQLXL

At SQLXL, we utilize established and professional relational database design techniques and methods to design and implement robust database solutions based on Microsoft SQL Server for our clients.

Relational database designis widely accepted and is employed today for almost all types of database design projects for private, corporate and government use.

Relational database design - Benefits to your Business

  • Time-saving and cost-efficient data entry
  • Easy data retrieval, summarization and reporting
  • Make database plan and design changes at minimum cost
  • Reduce the time to setup your corporate databases
  • Easily and securely access your vital business data

SQLXL provides businesses with the following Relational database design services:

  • Interview key staff members to identify functional requirements - An important stage in our database design process where we determine your core requirements by interviewing key members of your staff.
  • Identify and design record types and their associated data types - We never rush through database design projects assigned to us; we carefully determine what the client needs and take a detailed step-by-step approach.
  • Identify common queries and design indexes for them - This is a step in our process that helps eliminate bottlenecks in your data processing, allowing you to make the most of your databases.
  • Design and build APIs for applications to access the data - By designing and building APIs for your business, we provide you with tools that allow other key applications to interact with your business data, facilitating your work processes and helping to streamline your operations.
  • Provide hardware recommendations based on forecasted growth - At SQLXL, we provide scalable database solutions that grow with your business. We also help you grow by recommending optimal hardware changes and upgrades as the size and scale of your business data processing increases.
  • Design and implement suitable maintenance routines - As SQL experts, we understand that the continuous maintenance and fine-tuning of your corporate databases is essential to ensure the availability and integrity of your business data, and this is why we design and implement appropriate maintenance routines to boost the performance of your databases.
  • Design and implement disaster recovery scenarios - We know how important your data is to your business. This is why we equip you with tools that help you recover your business data in any crisis situation.

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