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SQLXL is a division of DTH Software Inc. SQLXL has been actively working with Microsoft SQL Server since 1998, and is a SQL server consultant specializing in the design and build of database-centric applications for businesses in the private and public sector as well as the tuning of existing SQL databases to improve scalability and performance.

As a Certified Expert on Experts Exchange, SQLXL is a regular contributor to the MSSQL zone of EXPERTS-EXCHANGE.COM.

As a SQL server consultant, SQLXL is charged with:

1. Design and build of new SQL databases and SQL database-centered applications for our clients and their various businesses;

2. Tuning our clients' existing SQL databases and SQL servers to detect and rectify performance bottlenecks as well as to correct errors in their SQL databases which may be causing poor productivity, inaccurate data and delayed information retrieval, among other issues.

The work SQLXL does as a SQL server consultant is of benefit to our clients in a number of important ways:

1. At SQLXL, we understand that your data is the key to your organization's success. If vital business data is not available when needed, your business may suffer downtime that could lead to crippling production losses. As a trusted, experienced and professional SQL server consultant, SQLXL creates properly-designed and finely-tuned SQL databases for your business applications which allow you to store and process your data efficiently and effectively.

2. As an experienced SQL server consultant, SQLXL recognizes that your data is the heart of your organization, and that poorly-performing databases lead to poor productivity, inaccurate data and delayed information required for important business decisions. Inexperienced IT consultants often recommend expensive hardware upgrades as a temporal performance solution for businesses, where in fact the true and lasting cost-effective solution to their performance woes lies in fine-tuning indexes and queries in their SQL databases.

SQLXL is a SQL server consultant with a difference; our advantage lies in our extensive experience which has afforded us powerful design and performance insights relating to our clients' SQL databases. As a professional SQL server consultant, SQLXL begins the database design process by interviewing our clients' staff in order to scope the functionality requirements of the project and to plan for the forecasted performance and scalability requirements going forward.

As a preferred SQL server consultant for SQL database performance tuning, SQLXL utilizes a process that involves monitoring your system for several days during standard workload. During this time, we identify performance issues and bottlenecks and plan the steps it will take to resolve them.

SQLXL now provides a free consultation for businesses. Please feel free to CALL us on 1 613 822 1997 or send an email to sales@dthsoftware.com to get started. We look forward to your feedback.

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